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About Kels Coaching

Helping you to mend your broken heart – Piece by Piece

About Us

I have been where you are, and I totally understand the struggles you’re going through after your breakup. I am here to guide you through the healing process, help you rediscover your worth, and empower you to create a fulfilling life post-breakup.

With compassionate support and proven strategies (and a touch of tough love), you can heal your heart, regain your confidence, and find happiness again. Take the first step towards a brighter future today and contact me. You do not have to go through this alone

Why Choose Kel

I see the bigger picture of your breakup

Many people are eager to know how to get their exes back. However, it’s important to understand that no gimmick can guarantee a reunion, as people have free will. Instead of fixating on things beyond your control, it’s crucial to shift your focus. Remember, your ex may not be concerned about your current emotions. Decide to stop living in uncertainty and reclaim your power with my help.

Nothing will change if you don’t make any changes. Take this painful time to reflect on yourself and determine that you deserve better. I am here to assist you in understanding exactly what went wrong in your previous relationship and guide you towards what would be best for you now. If it turns out that your ex is the right choice, we will work together to mend what was broken so that your relationship can last forever. However, it is more likely that you will decide you don’t want to be with someone who has caused you so much pain. In that case, I will support you in preparing to meet someone who will treat you with kindness and never want to hurt you.

I always offer the personal touch

I limit myself to just a few clients at a time, so I can fully connect myself to your situation, and together we can work out a way for you to move forward.

I will only accept clients who I know I can help, so  please send me a message with a brief outline of your current situation, and I will get back to you to arrange a coaching session to suit your needs and budget.

You do not  have to go through this alone.